Getting a Good Smile With Braces: Myths and Facts

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Having good oral health & natural smiling teeth can contribute to overall body improvement. Our mouth hygiene can directly impact our personality; it can leave a positive impact on another person during interactions. Everyone wants to level up their overall appearance while going outside and interacting with different people. However, we face certain unforeseen dental problems that damage the mouth, like the case of crooked teeth. People start feeling shy about their appearance & they cover their mouths & do not smile openly. 

One of the major dental problems that many people complain about is teeth misalignment. We must have already noticed a chain of wire stuck in the mouth of people, popularly known as teeth braces. Facing dental problems is normal; we at Mint Dental bring effective treatments that help you to get a natural smile back.

Reasons Why People Move Towards Braces?


In general cases, dentists do not recommend teeth braces in the first instance. In starting, they perform a deep analysis of dental problems. In our Mint Dental clinic, our top dentist Dr. Atul Singh examines the mouth condition. If they find it normal, they will suggest certain precautions to correct the problem. Otherwise, in severe conditions, dentists suggest teeth braces application to rectify the teeth alignments. 

Get Rid of Teeth Pain: Toothaches may seem quite normal. However, it takes the form of a nightmare. In some cases, it can take the form of temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This pain becomes unbearable once it spreads over the head and jaw points. Teeth braces can help to reduce pain by adjusting infected teeth to correct their positions. 

Space Between the Teeth: Gaps between teeth don’t feel good! Picking the right teeth braces can reverse this dental problem. It may take a little time. However, the after-effects will make you happy & satisfied. 

Options Available: Are you uncomfortable with imagining yourself wearing wires around your teeth? No need to worry much! There are a variety of braces available that match your requirements. You can use metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, self-ligating braces, invisible braces, clear aligners, or transparent braces. 

Dealing with Dental Problems: Braces can correct dental problems, such as crooked teeth, uneven spacing, crowding, overlapping teeth, misaligned jaw and overbite or underbite problems. 

Bust the Myths & Facts Related to Braces!


Myth 1: When braces get removed, my teeth will be straight forever!

Fact Check: This is partly true & false. You will be given a retainer when your braces get removed. If we follow the wear instructions, our teeth will stay straight. Otherwise, there might be chances that our teeth can shift beyond their alignments. 

Myth 2: Braces are not for Adult peoples

Fact Check: No, this myth doesn’t have any reality. Braces are not only for kids; adults can also wear them. We are never too late to get our beautiful smile back. 

Myth 3: Braces can cause huge pain

Fact Check: No, this is not true most people scare unnecessarily. Dentists make use of anesthesia to eliminate the pain while applying braces. Once it gets fit into your teeth, you will not feel severe pain. It might take some time to adjust to braces & become comfortable while eating. 

Myth 4: Braces are too boring; you can only use metallic wires!

Fact Check: This is a totally false statement. You can have options with braces like ceramic braces, lingual braces, self-ligating braces, invisible braces, clear aligners, or transparent braces. Advances in orthodontic technology have created transparent-looking aligners that are highly flexible & adjustable. 

Visit us at Mint Dental & know more about Invisalign treatments.

Myth 5: My Braces can pick up radio signals!

Fact Check: These are not only impossible things to happen but are too funny to even imagine. Braces don’t attract any kind of radio signals.

Myth 6: We have to keep braces for many years or even a lifetime!

Fact Check: Not necessarily! Every person has different dental conditions. The duration of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of specific problems. Some people might require to wear braces only for a few months, and for others, it may take a year. So, it depends on the individual conditions & there is no fact of wearing braces for an entire lifetime.

Myth 7: Wearing braces means no outdoor playing games!

Fact Check: No, you can definitely play your favorite game wearing braces. Dentists suggest taking good care of your braces by using precautionary measures to get protection, like mouth guards. These mouthguards can provide protection to our teeth & jaw from fractures.

Pick the Right Teeth Braces With Mint Dental!


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