How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental Implants

Are you struggling to chew food and smile freely? Stay relaxed!

Whether you have broken, damaged, or missing teeth, you can get the best dental treatment tailored to your needs. It is time to minimize & eliminate your oral health issues and regain confidence. Dental implants allow you to enjoy your favourite meal, speak clearly, and smile without embarrassment. 

Now, let us delve into the meaning of dental implants and the factors affecting their lifespan. 

Dental Implant Treatment: Meaning

It is the best dental procedure for your decayed and missing teeth. A dentist examines your existing teeth precisely. He may use a combination of methods to assess oral health, such as physical examination, X-rays, and mouth impressions. The dentist offers the best solutions, like dental implant, based on your oral health. Sometimes, a patient requires multiple dental procedures, including teeth extraction, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, etc. 

Longevity of Your Dental Implant: Factors to Consider

Dental implants are designed to serve as the long-term solution for damaged and missing teeth. However, the duration of dental implants is dependent on numerous factors, such as:-

1. Bone Quality & Quantity

You must know that bone density and volume are crucial to support your implant. If there is less bone in the areas where the implant is placed, the duration of the implant is less.

2. Surgical Technique

To avail yourself of the best dental implant, you may look for an authentic and reliable dental clinic. You can check a dentist’s experience and education and decide wisely. 

A dentist’s skills and knowledge directly impact the quality of treatment. If a dentist places an implant properly at a suitable angle, there is a stable & secure integration of the implant with the surrounding bone. It may directly lead to a longer duration of the procedure. 

3. Implant Material & Design

The choice of implant material influences its longevity. High-quality materials and designs significantly contribute to long-term success. For example, titanium plants have a proven record of biocompatibility and durability.

4. Lifestyle Factors

  • Smoking may hinder your healing progress post-treatment. Due to decreased blood flow, the dental implant may lose its long-term effects. Thus, you can stop and minimize smoking for effective results. 
  • You must ensure effective oral hygiene. You may do regular brushing and flossing to prevent bacterial infection.

5. Follow-Up Care

Post-treatment, you must visit your dentist frequently. The dentist can monitor the implant’s integration and address any early concerns, like gum swelling. 

So, if you wish to get the best dental implant in Lucknow, you must look for a well-known clinic that offers state-of-the-art services and facilities. You can consult a dentist immediately to avoid any severe surgical procedures. Additionally, after the examination of your teeth, a dentist may give you an estimate of the cost of the treatment. 

Process of Dental Implant Procedure

Before you undergo a dental implant procedure, it is essential to understand the process clearly. At the best dental clinic, a dentist guides you through every step. You are free to ask questions to your dentist if you have any. 

1. Consultation

The first step towards your vibrant smile is to book an appointment with a reputable dentist nearby. The doctor may assess your oral health thoroughly and review your medical history. 

2. Customized Treatment Plan

The dentist may devise a treatment schedule that perfectly suits your needs. The plan outlines the number of dental implants needed, the type of restoration (crown, bridge, denture), and additional procedures, like bone grafting. 

3. Implant Placement

In this surgical step, a dentist places the dental implant into your jawline. A dental implant acts as an artificial tooth that functions similarly to a natural tooth. The dentist provides anesthesia to help you minimize your pain during the treatment. 

4. Impressions

The dentist takes your impressions to make restoration (dental crowns, bridges, or dentures). This helps measure the restoration so that restoration can be securely and effectively placed, providing you comfort. The restoration is designed to match the colour, size, and shape of your natural teeth, ensuring enhanced aesthetics. 

5. Placement of Dental Crowns, Bridges, or Dentures

The dentist places the restoration on your artificial teeth precisely. He may make further adjustments until you are satisfied and comfortable. Now, your dental implant treatment is complete. 

Benefits of Dental Implant Treatment

  • Enhanced oral functioning
  • Clear speech
  • Chew without discomfort
  • Improved smile aesthetics
  • Boost confidence

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