Dental Implants or Bridge? Which One Is Right for You?

Dental Implants

Many people get confused about what to opt for a dental implant or bridge. Both of these are common treatments for replacing missing and damaged teeth. These may potentially deliver natural-looking results. However, these may vary in procedure, design, longevity, and maintenance. Additionally, both dental implants and bridges come with their pros and cons. 

A reliable and experienced dentist ensures that your oral health issues are resolved precisely and effectively. He examines the current situation of your teeth with physical examination, X-rays, mouth impressions, and others. He may also review your family history to provide the best dental care. 

How to Choose Between a Dental Implant or Bridge?

A dental implant is a surgical procedure involving placing a titanium post into the jawline. It fuses with the bone through a process called osseointegration. On the top of an implant, a custom-designed crown is placed to adhere to your needs. It helps create a natural-looking tooth with enhanced functionality and aesthetics. 

On the other hand, a dental bridge is a device that helps bridge the gap between one or many teeth. A bridge consists of a replacement tooth and dental crowns on both sides. The adjacent teeth serve as the anchors of the bridge. 

Your dentist can advise you on the best tooth replacement solution based on your oral health problems. The best option for you depends on the following:-

  • The number of teeth you are missing
  • Your budge
  • Overall health

Check out the essential bases for which the choice between an implant and a dental bridge is made. 

Overall Health

A dentist reviews your medical history and overall health during a consultation. It helps in the determination of your existing and potential medical conditions. Based on overall health, a dentist usually provides the best treatment suitable to a patient’s needs.

  • If you have underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes and leukemia, dental implants may not be the right solution for you. The ideal dental implant candidate should be healthy, have a jawbone free from decay, and can support the implant effectively. 
  • If you are suffering from medical conditions, the dentist may consider the severity & pros and cons of bridges and implants effectively. Then, he may provide the optimal solution for you. 

Number of Missing Teeth

  • A dentist may recommend dental bridge treatment if you miss more than one consecutive tooth. With a bridge, you may minimize dental issues at an affordable price. 
  • With dental implants, a dentist may need to do a separate implant that needs to be surgically attached to each missing tooth. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and impractical. 

Bone Density

  • The preference of the treatment is dependent upon your bone density. If you have a major bone loss in the area you are missing teeth, there may not be enough space for a dental implant to get anchored in the bone. In such a case, a dental bridge is an appropriate option.
  • If you have enough bone density, dental implants can be recommended. Since dental implants are not dependent on adjacent teeth for stability purposes, they may preserve the integrity of healthy teeth. Dental implants stimulate and preserve the jawline. These help maintain facial structures over time by preventing bone loss. 
  • In comparison, dental bridge treatment may require the adjacent teeth to be altered and reshaped to be fitted with crowns for providing support & stability to the bridge. Bridges do not provide the same level of support for bone stimulation as implants, leading to bone loss. 


  • A dental implant can provide a long-lasting solution if you properly care for oral health and follow-up regularly. You can do regular brushing and flossing to enhance the durability of the treatment. It makes a dental implant cost-effective. 
  • Dental bridges require special flossing techniques to clean effectively. It might be a challenge for you to maintain dental bridges. 


You must check whether your dental insurance covers a dental bridge or an implant. Also, the cost of the treatment varies from one dental clinic to another. One thing to remember is that health is your money. So, while considering suitable dental treatment, you may prioritize quality over quantity. 

  • Dental implants have higher costs, but results are more durable, making them cost-effective dental solutions.
  • Dental bridges are cheaper in comparison to implants but have a shorter lifespan. This makes dental bridges an expensive treatment in the long run.


  • The entire process of getting a dental implant may take several months (2-6). 
  • Dental bridge treatment can be done in a couple of weeks.

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