What Is the Cost of Dental Implants?

dental implants

Are you tired of hiding your missing or broken teeth? No worries! There is an ultimate solution just for you- Dental Implants. You can enjoy enhanced aesthetics and smile freely. So, say goodbye to oral health discomfort and enjoy eating your favourite foods. To get the best dental implant in Lucknow, you must look for a reliable dental clinic and book your appointment with the dentist today. 

This blog will discuss dental implants’ meaning, benefits, and cost.

What Are Dental Implants?

The dentist may examine your oral health thoroughly if you have damaged or broken teeth. Depending on your oral health, he may provide the best combination of treatments. Before placing dental implants, a dentist may need to perform some dental procedures, like root canal treatment, to ensure you regain proper functioning. After a dentist places a dental implant, he uses the best restoration, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, to hide the tooth’s visible part. Check out the meaning of dental crowns, bridges, and dentures to better understand restorations. 

Crowns: These are dental caps placed over a decayed or damaged tooth. It protects a natural tooth and enhances its functionality. Crowns improve the overall appearance and aesthetic of a tooth. 

Dentures: These are removable prosthetic devices, usually used to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. 

Bridges: Unlike dentures, bridges are fixed dental prosthetics that replace missing teeth. These consist of artificial teeth anchored to adjacent natural teeth.

Cost of Dental Treatment: Factors to Consider

The dental implant treatment is considered safe and effective. Its cost is dependent on many factors, such as:-

  • Number of Implants

You require many dental implants if you have more than one damaged or broken tooth. So, the cost of dental implant treatment may vary depending on the number of implants you require for enhanced mouth aesthetics. It can range anywhere from 15000 rs to 45000 rs per Implant.

  • Implant Material

Many types of dental implants are available, ranging from average to best quality. The price of the material may vary depending on its quality & effectiveness. As per your choice, you can choose the implant material. However, you must know that investing in the best dental material may save you from the higher costs of getting dental implants frequently. 

  • Experience of Dentists

An experienced dentist often charges higher fees for his services but provides an effective treatment. If you wish to get a precise and effective dental solution for your damaged teeth, you must look for a qualified and experienced dentist. 

  • Complexity of Implant Procedure

Some patients have complex dental cases requiring additional procedures, like bone grafts or sinus lifts. It may substantially increase the cost of the entire dental implant treatment.

  • Additional Restoration

After the precise placement of the dental implant, a restoration, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures, is needed to replace the tooth’s visible part. The type and choice of restoration determine the cost of the treatment. Cap charges can start from 5000 rs to 15000 rs per tooth depending on the material of the cap. 

At Mint Dental, the cost of dental implant treatment starts from INR 19000. However, it may vary depending on some factors mentioned above. 

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implants provide a multitude of benefits, such as:-

  • Boost Confidence

Due to broken and damaged teeth, we hide our smiles and feel less confident. We sometimes tend to avoid social gatherings and distance ourselves from people. With dental implant treatment, you can talk and smile freely. You may have increased confidence and smile with no fear of embarrassment. 

  • Oral Functioning

You may suffer from dental issues, such as toothache and sensitivity. You can eliminate these problems with a dental implant treatment, which may help you regain oral functioning. 

  • Enhanced Aesthetics

Now, no more hiding your smile from others. You can have an aesthetically pleasing in no time with the best teeth implants.

  • Clear Speech

Due to missing teeth, you may struggle to speak clearly. It may lead to miscommunication. You may consider getting a dental implant treatment to make sure you speak clearly with better oral health.

  • Enjoy Your Favorite Foods & Beverages

You may feel pain while chewing your favourite food if you have missing or damaged teeth. Well, with the best treatment, you can easily chew and drink food & beverages. 

Get the Best Dental Implant Treatment at Mint Dental!

If you are feeling sensitivity, toothache, or any other dental issue, visit the best dental doctor in Lucknow. With precise diagnosis, the dentist may offer the best treatments tailored to your needs. 

At Mint Dental, we offer a range of dental treatments and services to people of all ages. These include dental implants, teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, and root canal treatment. Our competent team is headed by the dental expert Dr. Atul Singh. He provides effective dental procedures, ensuring your oral health. We use the latest technology and equipment to provide effective treatment. Our entire dental team makes necessary adjustments until you feel satisfied and comfortable.

So, get the best dental implant in Lucknow and regain your confidence with us. Book your appointment today.  

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