Orthodontic Treatment for Children: A Parents’ Guide

Orthodontic Treatment

If you wish to keep a beautiful smile on your kids’ faces, do not forget to visit the best dental clinic for their regular evaluation. By age seven, you can see an orthodontist for your kid’s healthy teeth. Your kid may have the first permanent molars that establish the back bite by this age. Orthodontists can inspect your kids’ teeth closely and notice if these are shaping up perfectly. 

You must visit the best dental clinic if your kid has a toothache. Regular checkups can detect a dental issue in the initial stage, preventing any major dental procedure or surgery. 

We at Mint Dental are here to help your kids’ teeth stay healthy and safe. With our team of experienced dentists, your kids can receive the utmost medical care and comfort. At the best dental care clinic Lucknow, we provide state-of-the-art services to provide dental procedures and treatments tailored to the patient’s needs & preferences. 

Early Orthodontic Treatment: Meaning

When a kid starts a dental treatment, while they still have some primary teeth that are growing and developing, it is known as early orthodontic treatment or two-phase orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists do a full checkup of your kid’s teeth to ensure these are properly aligned and growing correctly. Dentists may provide the best orthodontic treatment dental braces if needed. 

What Does an Orthodontist Do for Your Kids?

Orthodontists help your kids have safe and healthy teeth. They diagnose your kids’ teeth precisely using the latest technology and equipment and provide effective treatments. Whether your kids have crowded or overlapped teeth, problems with tooth development or jaw growth, loss of early baby teeth, or habits like thumb sucking, the best orthodontist can treat them all precisely and quickly. Let us know how consulting the orthodontist regularly can benefit your kids.

Benefits of Seeing the Best Orthodontist 

It is vital to visit the best dentist to ensure your kid’s teeth are free from cavities and pain. If your child is inserting hands-on teeth constantly, you must visit the best dental clinic now. There are numerous benefits of early dental orthodontic treatment. 

  • Making space to minimize or alleviate severe crowding
  • Creating facial symmetry and directing jaw growth
  • Minimize the risk of any injury by shifting protruding teeth into the correct places
  • Making sufficient space for the permanent teeth to erupt
  • Reducing the need for any tooth extraction
  • Reducing the duration of any dental orthodontic treatment in teenage or adulthood
  • Boosts confidence and enhances morale
  • Reduces the need for any surgery
  • Helps in stopping habits, such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, before these cause damage to teeth
  • Helping your kid chew, bite, and speak properly

Consulting the best dentist in your kids’ early years may not do any harm. Ensure your kid’s health by visiting the best dental care clinic Lucknow: Mint Dental. We are here to keep a healthy smile on your kids. Our dentists and medical staff provide precise diagnosis and effective dental procedures, like orthodontic treatment dental braces. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us today. 

Why Visit an Orthodontist? 


Wondering when to visit the dentist for your kid’s well-being? Do not worry! We, at Mint Dental are here to help you get the best solution. You may look at the below-mentioned points and make an informed decision accordingly. 

  • Notice if your kid can speak properly. If not, then your kid needs to visit the dentist.
  • You must consult the dentist immediately if a kid faces problems while chewing or biting.
  • Early loss of primary teeth, especially due to decay or injury, required immediate medical attention.
  • Even at seven, if your kid has misaligned or crowded teeth, it can be a major dental problem.
  • If your kids have protruding front teeth, you must not delay visiting the best orthodontist.
  • A significant overbite, crossbite, or underbite requires medical attention.
  • Examine if your kids’ teeth meet together when their mouth is closed. If not, book an appointment with the dentist today. 

Do not delay visiting us if you notice any of the following symptoms among your kids. A slight delay in consulting the doctor may lead to surgeries and other dental procedures, which could have been avoided otherwise if visited at the initial stage. So, book an appointment with Mint Dental today and ensure your kids have safe & healthy teeth.

Ensure Healthy Smiles of Your Kids With Mint Dental

You must visit the orthodontist consistently to ensure your kids’ teeth are healthy and safe. This may help the dentist diagnose a cause, if any, and provide effective dental procedures early, preventing unavoidable circumstances. 

At Mint Dental, the dental care clinic Lucknow, we have an experienced team of dentists and well-trained staff to provide precise diagnoses and effective dental treatments. We cover almost all dental services, such as orthodontic treatment, children’s dentistry, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and dental implants. Your kids may receive the utmost care and attention from our team and eliminate any toothache or other teeth-related problems. So, visit our website and book an appointment with us now.

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