Root Canal Treatment: Everything You Need to Know About It

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is done to remove the center part of our teeth- pulp. Dentists suggest a root canal procedure to eliminate infections and inflammation. Root canal procedure helps to save the damaged tooth from further infection spread, and it is the best alternative to tooth extraction. 

In our daily life, we move between different food habits that can create different types of toothaches and infections from cavities under the gum. Apart from lifestyle loopholes, other conditions: accidents, trauma, and gum diseases, may result in broken & damaged teeth. If we delay the root canal treatment, there will be a high chance that the infection might spread to other teeth. It can also make the pain unbearable for a patient while eating or drinking. Visit the best root canal treatment clinic in Lucknow, Mint Dental – the best for all dental treatments. 

Steps For the Root Canal Treatment

If you visit Mint Dental Clinic, the seasoned dentist will guide you through the process. Patients might require to come for 2 to 3 sessions depending upon the dental conditions can be further extended, and each session may last for 30 to 90 minutes. 

Steps For the Root Canal Treatment

Step 1: A dentist will consult a patient about their dental conditions, and they will guide the procedures and preventive measures to keep in mind before the process.

Step 2: Once a patient enters the clinic, a dentist starts the root canal treatment procedure with local anesthesia to make the part of the teeth numb. A patient will not experience any pain with the help of anesthesia.

Step 3: The endodontist or specialized dentist will take the help of drills to create an opening around the tooth surface to access the pulp chamber. If the front tooth is treated, a dentist will use the drills from behind the tooth.

Step 4: With using special files & other tools, a dentist will clean out all the infections, dead pulp, and diseased parts from the infected tooth. These tissues, which are being removed under the process, are already dead, and there is no significant loss. After the procedure, a dentist disinfects the canal using solutions. 

Step 5: The next step includes the shaping of canals to make the space for root canal fillings with gutta-percha. The irrigation method is used to provide enough cleansing and remove debris before the process of fillings. 

Step 6: To protect the examined part, the temporary cover material is used as a seal and placed above the gutta-percha. It acts like a cap or crown, perfectly set as a normal tooth and with your damaged space.

Step 7: Further, the cover material is cemented in a static place to protect it from dislodgement. 

Exceptions to Root Canal Procedure: In case the patient suffers from the conditions of high blood pressure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, infections & fever, and osteoporosis, a dentist does not recommend root canal procedures. Although, after examination & analysis of the dental conditions, a dentist feels that the procedure can be performed following certain precautions, he will suggest the same.

How Does Root Canal Treatment Improve Oral Health?

Root Canal Treatment Improve Oral Health

Root canal treatment is the best endodontic therapy to eliminate infections or save decaying teeth. Many benefits root canals provide to manage your dental health. These are:-

  • Prevents Infection of Neighbour Teeth 

The best remedy for pulp infection is a root canal. It not only cures the existing damaged teeth but also stops the spread of infections. These infectious conditions arise due to the accumulation of harmful bacteria around the gum & teeth that slowly damage them. Root canal effectively treats pulp infections and restricts the growth & spread of bacteria to another neighboring part. 

  • Prevention From Tooth Loss

Some people dealing with decayed teeth do not prefer the idea of tooth extraction as it creates a gap between teeth. For those people, root canal treatment is the best remedy to prevent bacterial infections. A patient can be free from the worry of the gap between teeth, and root canal treatment only cleans infectious parts.

  • Comfort From Toothaches & Pain

Most patients suffer from immense discomfort due to chronic pain & toothache. The main cause of pain is damaged nerves due to the spread of bacteria & infected pulp. After the painless root canal treatment, the effect of pain is reduced and gradually stops after a few weeks or months. 

  • Effective For Gum Sensitivity

A few people complain about their food habits; too many cold or hot food items can create a deep sensation in the mouth. They feel this sensitivity due to damaged or inflamed teeth or pulp. With the help of root canal treatment, gum sensitivity stops greatly as it can cure the root cause of the problem. 

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