9 Most Common Questions To Ask About Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Many people face tooth loss due to any injury or age factor or may be lack of oral hygiene. This leads to discomfort in their life as they have difficulties in chewing and so are not able to enjoy their meal too. Apart from this, loss of teeth not only has an impact on the lifestyle but it also affects a person’s self-esteem and confidence. To recover from this situation, there are various medical treatments which can be applied on the patient but choosing the right alternative for restoring missing teeth can sound really tricky. There are traditional methods like dentures and bridges to modern methods like dental implants for getting the artificial teeth in place of missing teeth. Choosing a trustable clinic is a must for getting satisfactory results. Mint Dental can prove to be your best dental implants in Lucknow

The 9 Most Common Questions To Ask About Dental Implants: 

Before getting dental implants, patients usually ask some common questions which we are trying to put together here in the FAQ list. 

1. How Painful Is Getting a Dental Implant?

You don’t need to worry about the pain as the procedure only looks scary because of the myth that if there is a hole made in gum to implant an artificial tooth, then it would be obviously painful. But the truth is that it is not that painful, the little pain may arise not because of the hole made for implanting but because of the soft tissue manipulation that occurs during the treatment. Keeping this in mind, dental implants which don’t lift the gum issues are painless and a mild pain can occur but those having their gum tissues lifted can feel a little more pain which subsides slowly.

2. What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

For proper recovery, it usually takes about six months, so during this time you should be more concerned about your diet. Try to take a soft diet rich in protein, such as seedless fruits like bananas, mangoes, pears and peaches. You should also intake steamed vegetables, boiled fish, soups and stews with soft meat, thin pasta, mashed potatoes, soft bread, pancakes and muffins, scrambled eggs, cooked cereals like oatmeals. Just don’t eat too many hard things such as popcorn, pizza, seeds and nuts as it will spoil the implant and can become painful for you. 

3. How Long Does It Take for Dental Implants to Heal?

The healing process may take six weeks to six months, depending on the procedure of the treatment accordingly. Usually, the upper jaw takes a longer time to heal as compared to the lower jaw as the bone inside the upper jaw is quite softer. Initial healing process takes up to two weeks or so and after that the healing of the jawbone with the implant may take up to three to six months. 

4. How Much Do Implants Cost?

Dental Implants consist of the costs of all components which together make up the tooth implant such as metal or ceramic screw, a crown, and an abutment for attaching the crown to screw. Some people also need a sinus lift or bone graft to improve the health of the jawline for better stability of implant. The cost for dental implants will also depend on how many implants you need to have and of what brand they are. The range for implants can vary from thousands to lakhs according to what you need! One implant may cost between 18,000/- to 60,000/- and full mouth implants may cost 3,00,000/- to 4,20,000/- depending on the implant type you are having.

5. Can You Turn Dentures Into Implants?

Yes, dentures can be turned into implants in some cases and can last for 10 to 20 years if proper care and precaution is taken for them. Getting permanent dentures has so many benefits. They don’t slip or irritate gums. You don’t need to keep them soaking overnight and then putting them in your mouth, as they are implanted permanently. Getting denture implants will help your jawbone to remain healthy for a long run. Most people also prefer implants over dentures as they are more durable and hence cost effective for the long run. Moreover, implants can give you a stronger chewing bite as compared to traditional dentures. 

6. Are implants better than real teeth?

Although implants are great for the ones facing issues with their teeth such as chipped and missing teeth, still they are not better than real teeth. Real teeth are natural and have a suspension system which is the periodontal ligament helping in absorbing and distributing the pressure when we chew. 

7. Can dental implants cause problems years later?

The success rate of dental implants is about 95% leading to an increased quality of life for many but still it may cause some complications after years such as infections, gum recession, and nerve or tissue damage. You will get some symptoms after getting these complications like feeling pain at the site of dental implant, can get minor bleeding, bruising of the gums or skin, and swelling of the gums or face. If you get any of these symptoms irrespective of the duration after getting dental implanting, consult your surgeon as soon as possible to avoid further loss. 

8. What is the success rate of dental implants in India?

Dental Implants have a success rate of about 90% – 95% and acts as a life changing treatment for many but it may fail as well due to bad lifestyle of people as they smoke a lot. Failure of dental implants can occur due to diabetes, gum disease, having radiation therapy on the jaw area, or maybe by taking some medications. So, to avoid failures, take proper precautions and care of your dental implants. 

9. Why does my dental implant hurt when I chew?

After having a dental implant surgery, you may get hurt while chewing obviously because of the fact that an alien object has got inserted into your jaw and it needs some time for the adjustments. The pain after the surgery subsides after two weeks or so but if it hurts after years then it would be a matter of concern and a consultation is needed with the doctor. Your implant may get hurt due to any gum disease, nerve damage, bad bite, or instability due to bone loss. 

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