Invisible Aligners: Everything You Need to Know!

Invisible Aligners

Maintaining good dental healthcare becomes an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Upcoming trends and technology help to introduce reliable solutions in order to solve most dental problems. People often ignore oral health and do not prioritize it like other body part problems, and this habit should be replaced. Dentists advise people to regularly visit clinics to take care of oral discomforts on an urgent basis. Consult the best dental clinic in Lucknow to avail treatment under experienced dentist & staff – Mint Dental. 

In recent years, invisible aligners have taken a remarkable place in the dental industry by placing the tooth in a specific position. It comes under the Invisalign orthodontic treatment. These teeth aligners have smooth edges with high-quality resin & help to straighten the teeth. It is made of sleek plastic that comfortably sets into the teeth without any discomfort. 

How Does It Work?

Teeth aligners work on the same concept as traditional metal braces to make the teeth straight & static in their respective positions. These rigid dental aligners are applied on teeth with constant force, slowly moving them to fix for better alignment. With the gentle push of teeth, the alignment becomes perfect with more teeth straightening, and the wearer doesn’t  feel any pain or uneasiness. Also, invisible aligners are perfectly set with teeth that go unnoticeable to another person. The person can freely take out the aligners while eating their meals & mouth clean up. Invisible aligners are made with BPA-free plastic to replace the traditional metal braces’ discomforts. 

Dentists recommend wearing the teeth aligners for at least 20 hours a day to work effectively for the treatments. To start the treatment, the dentist took a digital X-ray of the patient’s teeth to understand the damaged parts clearly. They create a computer 3D model of the patient teeth and design the aligner tray, which helps them to create the perfect fit aligners. 

The patient wears different sets during treatments, one set of aligners for two weeks, and then switches to another. Every set helps to push down the patient’s teeth a little deeper to get the desired alignment. Usually, the average time interval for the treatment is a year. However, minor issues can be cured with a minimum six-month duration. Also, severe conditions may take almost two years.

Reasons To Choose Aligner Over Metal Braces

Metal Braces & Aligner

Easy to Use 

Invisible aligners are easy to manage over metal braces as these braces are attached to the teeth. Aligners can be comfortably taken out to perform daily chores like brushing teeth & washing your mouth. With braces, there might be the problem of wires and brackets getting collided & particles getting stuck while sweeping and flossing. It further increases the occurrence of gum diseases, pain, or swelling. Flexible teeth aligners reduce the extra effort of maintaining & cleaning; people can freely use them and be comfortable throughout the day.

Preserve Your Natural Appearances 

Every patient wants to use an effective solution for teeth straightening, however shy about the fact that they appear with noticeable braces. Invisible aligners are the best pickup to save yourself from the uncomfortable look; these aligners are hardly noticeable to the naked eye and do not disrupt your beautiful smile. Many individuals share their best experience of wearing aligners with comfort about their appearance.

Free From Pain!

For conventional braces, the patient has to visit for checkups and tightening after 20 to 30 days. It can create a painful experience if one of the brackets gets broken down, and the person has to rush toward the dentist. Invisible aligners come as an effective way to tackle these disadvantages. They digitally assembled the teeth using a 3D prototype model. Aligners comfortably fit into the teeth to correct the shape of teeth and establish alignment. Also, there is less hustle and load to visit the dentist for adjustments regularly.

Eat Whatever You Want!

With metal braces, the patient has to be a little choosy with the food items as the consumption of chewy, crunchy, and stiff foods may be stuck with wires and brackets. Aligners can be taken off while having sticky food and comfortably enjoying the meal. 

There are no restrictions on regular diet advised by dentists using invisible aligners. There is no collision of food with your teeth aligners. 

Quality Material 

The aligner tray is made with bioplast, making it the best choice; this used material is considered the safest worldwide. Also, these trays are designed flexibly; patients feel very light when the aligner is placed over their teeth. The sleek surface of these trays makes it easy for users to take them off and on. Even though there is too much flexibility still, it can hold the teeth with a firm grip and create alignment. The material is totally free from any harmful ingredients like BPS, BPA, Latex, or gluten. 

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Mint Dental Clinic

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