What Are Clear Aligners and How Do They Work?

Clear Aligners

Do you laugh less due to braces on your teeth? If yes, then you aren’t alone. Many people out there avoid wearing braces as they feel awkward and are clearly visible. 

But what if you choose to have invisible braces on your teeth, you would prefer clear aligners. 

Over the past couple of decades, transparent aligners have grown in popularity as one of the best options for teeth straightening or realigning the teeth. 

So, what are clear aligners, and how do they effectively help align the teeth? This post will look closely at these aspects and determine if they work best for you.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners

Invisible aligners are the particular type of teeth alignment devices used to correct misalignment of teeth. Similar to traditional braces in functionality, transparent braces are more convenient as they are removable and help you achieve straight teeth discreetly. 

Being invisible, they are less noticeable compared to braces and offer many benefits to those who never want to deal with any disruption.

Type of Orthodontic Issues Clear Aligners Treat

Invisible braces are used to treat & correct a variety of purposes, including crowding & spacing issues and some mild & moderate bite issues. 

Here are the following issues that Clear Aligners can treat:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Open bite
  • Crowded teeth   

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

Orthodontists start with a dental scan that designs clear aligners according to the jawbone’s structure to straighten the teeth. Aligners are designed to make little movements at a time by putting gentle pressure on teeth, and this pressure is then transferred to the jaws through the roots.

The jawbone responds to forces by critically moving the sockets, and the teeth go along for the ride. Treating teeth with this technology is gentle & comfortable as the changes from aligner to aligner are small. 

For the best results, wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day is recommended.

Here’s how clear aligners straighten the teeth 

A few extra pressure points called attachments are necessary, as transparent braces aren’t attached to the teeth. These attachments are the tooth color bumps bonded to your teeth throughout the treatment. The placement & shape of aligners depends on the required movement. The pressure is applied from the aligners onto your teeth with the help of attachment and directs them into a proper position. 

Moreover, your treatment can also call for elastics, which are generally used with traditional orthodontics. These elastics are identical to a tiny rubber band attached to slots in the aligners, or tiny buttons attached to teeth are sometimes necessary to allow shifting of the upper and lower teeth.

Lastly, if your teeth still do not get fixed ideally within the aligners, a minor reshaping or resizing can do all the wonders. The procedures are minimal and typically don’t require anesthetic as it doesn’t cause discomfort.

how clear aligners straighten the teeth 

The specific aligners are attached to specific teeth to help the trays engage with the teeth to help them move into the correct position. Patients are given a series of trays lasting for a week or two that need to be worn 22-24 hours a day. These trays gradually move the teeth, which should only be removed while drinking or eating. Typically, it takes 6-12 months to achieve the desired results, and each of these trays is designed to shift the teeth a few millimeters. For the 25 weeks of treatment, a patient may need 25 trays. 

Once the aligners have realigned the teeth, the patient continues wearing the retainer to prevent the teeth from moving back to their old position.

Top 5 Benefits of Clear Aligners

Comfort – Also known as invisible trays, aligners have changed patients’ perception of the comfort level of braces. Even after wearing the trays, it allows the patient the freedom to live everyday life. 

Appearance – Clear trays have changed people’s thoughts by adding the advantage of removing them anytime they want. 

Safety – Traditional metal braces contain several appliances, such as brackets, elastics, and a metal wire, that are uncomfortable for many people. Transparent aligners are safe to wear and don’t have any such appliances. 

Shorter Treatment Times – The treatment time of transparent braces is less, and it generally takes 18 months for the complex treatment.

Eat When you Want – With braces, there are food restrictions, but in the case of clear aligners, there are no such restrictions on food. 

Better Dental Health – Last but not least, clear aligners eliminate the crowding of the teeth, making them easy to care for and resulting in better overall dental health.

Wrapping Up

Transparent braces can be used for several different purposes, including crowding, spacing, and mild and moderate bite issues of the teeth. 

However, you must consult an orthodontist or dentist for the necessary treatment and consider wearing it. 

At Mint Dental, we offer the best quality clear aligners that help get your teeth in their best position. 

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