Does Invisalign Change Face Shape?


Invisalign has become a well-liked and successful alternative to traditional braces for straightening teeth in recent years. Many people seeking orthodontic treatment like it because of its inconspicuous, removable aligners. But for those who are thinking about using Invisalign, there is a nagging query- Does Invisalign change face shape? Potential patients are frequently perplexed and concerned by this question.

In this blog we will examine the science underlying Invisalign, does invisible aligners have an effect on facial features or it’s just a myth.

Invisalign- A Complete Overview

A system of orthodontic treatment called Invisalign is intended to straighten teeth and address bite problems. Instead of using metal brackets and wires like traditional braces, Invisalign uses a set of clear, personalized aligners that firmly fit over your teeth. These aligners are a popular option for people looking for a more covert technique to straighten their teeth because they are practically unnoticeable.

Advantage of Invisalign-

1)   The transparent aligners are nearly invisible, you can receive orthodontic treatment without having to worry about people seeing that you have metal brackets and wires in your teeth.

2)   Invisible aligners are supple, soft plastic for comfort and convenience. They lack harsh edges that could irritate your lips and cheeks. In contrast to conventional braces, they are also removable, making it simpler to eat, brush, and floss.

3)   Results are predictable because Invisalign therapy is guided by sophisticated computer algorithms, which ensure accurate tooth motions.

4)   Invisalign aligners can be taken out for special occasions, meals, and oral hygiene procedures, so there is a minimal impact on lifestyle. Because of its flexibility, you can continue living your normal life while having therapy.

5)   Invisible aligned teeth are simpler to clean and maintain, which promotes better oral hygiene and lowers the risk of dental issues.

6)   Unlike traditional braces, which come with a list of foods to avoid, Invisalign lets you eat whatever you want as the aligners are taken out during meals.

How Does Invisalign Work- Treatment

There are numerous crucial elements in the Invisalign treatment process:

  • Initial Consultation

The process starts with an appointment with a skilled Invisalign-trained dentist or orthodontist. Your dentist will assess your dental requirements, go through your treatment objectives, and decide whether Invisalign is a good option for you during this session.

  • Digital scanning

Instead of using traditional molds, your orthodontist will build a 3D representation of your teeth using cutting-edge digital scanning technology.

  • Personalized Treatment Plan

Your orthodontist will use the digital scan to sketch out the exact motions your teeth must undergo to attain the ideal alignment. This strategy calls for a set of aligners, each of which is intended to shift your teeth a little bit closer to the desired position.

  • Custom Aligners

A set of custom aligners will be created based on your treatment plan. Before moving on to the next set in the series, each pair of aligners is normally worn for one to two weeks. Your teeth will move into the desired positions as a result of the regulated, gentle pressure used by the aligners.

  • Regular Check-Ups

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, you will visit your orthodontist for routine check-up sessions. These visits are necessary to keep track of your invisible aligners and make sure that your treatment is going according to schedule.

  • Retention Phase

You will enter the retention phase after completing the recommended sequence of aligners. To keep your freshly straightened teeth in place, you can be given a retainer. Teeth shifting back to their original locations can be avoided with retainers.

  • Final Results

If you wear it with dedication as directed by your doctor, you will surely achieve the final results of your Invisible aligners.

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Invisalign and Facial Morphology

It’s a frequent misperception that Invisalign can change the form of your face. The primary goal of Invisalign is to realign the teeth within the jaw to produce a balanced and effective bite. The bones and soft tissues that make up the face’s structural components are not intended to be changed. As a result, the facial shape does not significantly change as a result of Invisalign therapy alone.

The myth that Invisalign can alter your facial shape is influenced by a number of factors-

  •  Orthodontic Changes– 

While Invisalign’s primary focus is on teeth alignment, enhancing dental symmetry can occasionally give the appearance that a person’s face features have subtly changed. Misaligned teeth can have an impact on how the face looks as a whole. An enhanced facial profile can come from correcting this misalignment, although these changes are typically very subtle and not brought on by direct manipulation of the face.

  •  Individual Variation– 

Each person has a different face shape and set of bones, the results of orthodontic treatment may vary from one person to the next. Following Invisalign treatment, some people might see more pronounced changes in their facial shapes, and others might detect little to no change.

  • Combination with Other Treatments– 

In order to address serious skeletal issues, Invisalign orthodontic therapy may occasionally be combined with other treatments like jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery. These extra procedures, which are distinct from the Invisalign treatment itself, may have a more noticeable effect on face shape.

  • Perception and Self-Image– 

As people receive orthodontic care and see changes in their smile, they could become more conscious of how they look on the outside. When their self-confidence and self-perception have improved, they may sometimes mistakenly assume that their face shape has altered as a result of this increased awareness.

  • Online Anecdotes– 

There are a ton of personal tales and communities on the internet where people discuss their experiences using Invisalign. 

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